"Heights of great men reached and kept were not attained by sudden flight, buth they while their companions slept, kept toiling upward through the night."  

It takes courage to create the life you really want and self-motivation t obe a survivor in this jungle, a place we call our world.  According to economists, a man's basic wants are food, clothing and shelter, but these necessities of life can only be achieved by man's desire and drive to be successful.

Success is achieved firstly by having the desire to be successful and applying one's self towards those desires in a positive way. Ofcourse, true success comes from God.  Only when a person applies himself to the desire to serrve Him, true success is realized.

It is by faith in God with great enthusiasm that our parents and grandparents applied themselves to the positive attributes of life to overcome the odds in order to be a survival success.

It is a great honor to be a descendant of this wonderful family.  Our parents have left a giant legacy for us to build on.

We must be strong, educated, dedicated, determined and have the will to survive and surpass any and all obstacles that we face now and in the future.

We must stick together and support each other, not only when times are good but when times are bad also.  Everybody needs somebody sometimes.

It is my dream that future generations will continue to expound upon this family's heritage.

Let us briefly take a journey along the corridors of time into the lives of our forefathers.

Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel, baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

This was the calling of Norman Nathaniel Hawthorne (Grandpa) as he set out on his journey from St. Anns to Border on his donkey at eight years old.

Norman was born December 25, 1888, in St. Ann, Jamaica W.I.  When grandpa arrived in Border, he found favor with God and man.  He was taken in by the parents of Clifford Morrison.  God's hand was indubitably writing on the wall, and on Grandpa's heart.  God was with him.

After many years of living in Border and preaching the gospel, grandpa met the love of his life, Addella affectionately called "Maninim."  They later married on ________________.  This union produced five children:  Dottie, Putta, Luther, Ephraim and Edna.  Grandpa loved his children dearly and raised them to follow Christ.

Sadly Adella was taken to Lord on __________________.  This truly broke Norman's heart.  God saw that Norman was lonely and provided him with the lovely Lola affectionately called "Mother", who he later married on ______________________.

Grandpa led an exemplary life.  He was a husband, father, teacher, preacher, counsellor and friend.  He was the founder of Zion Bible Truth Church of God.  Grandpa was a vibrant, strong man, positive man.  He was never sick.  As a matter of fact, Grandpa walked from Paisley to Border every single day of his late life.  

He lived a full life and was taken to the Lord on January 30, 1985 at the ripe age of 97 years old.

Norman Nathaniel started a legacy that will contuinue for generations to come.

May His soul rest in peace.
Truly A Great Patriarch
Truly A Great Patriarch
The place is Jamaica, the pearl of the Indies, with it's unspoiled beauty, where the sun-dappled crystal-clear water caresses the shores of the white-sand beaches.  The coconut trees that sway in the tropical breeze, and the waves, both seem to whisper, "Island Paradise".

It was on the sixteenth day of July, 1922, a man child was born to Norman and Adella Hawthorne, who would eventually be called, Ephraim Nathaniel Hawthorne.  He was the fourth of five children.  He grew up in the community of Paisley District, St. Andrew.

Growing up in the community of Paisley, was a wonderful experience for Ephraim.  There weren't many cultures and subcultures then as is now and the country side was beautiful.

While attending a church convention, Ephraim met a lovely girl by the name of Mavis Cotterell, and later married her on April 11, 1948.  He cherished her and their union produced six sons and five daughters, 39 grandchildren and 13 great grandchildren.

He was affectionately known as 'Uncle D' by his friends, and as 'Papa' by his children and their children.    

Ephraim was a leader and protector of his family, but his role extended beyond that.  He was a minister, master baker, consummate businessman, community leader, Justice of the Peace and devoted patriarch.  Ephraim was held in the highest regard, not just by his family, but by everyone in the community and everywhere he went. 

He lived a rich personal life, a large part of which belonged to the church.  He was an inspired spiritual leader who always lived his life on earth in preparation for his eventual life in Heaven.

His wife Mavis was taken to God in July 1994 after more than four decades of marriage.  In 1996, he met and married Phyllis.  Her three children and six grandchildren became a part of his family and he cared for them profoundly.

His favourite saying was "Follow after me as I follow Christ".  He lived such an exemplary life that we can truly follow him.  Papa was a man of standard and a visionary.  Someone once said "It is your attitude, not your aptitude, that determines your altitude", and this was clearly seen throughout the life of our Papa.

On the morning of May 25, 2006, Papa passed away from an aneurism.   

If one should ask, how someone of such humble beginnings could have cultivated and maintained such a successful life; the answer would be a committment to God and of course a remarkable wife and mother.

"I press toward the prize of the higher calling of God in Christ Jesus" was another of Papa's favorite scripture.  Our greatest glory consists not in never failing but in rising every time we fall.  

Life is only fulfilling when success is embraced and Pops truly embraced success.

May his soul rest in peace.  We will always love you Pops.

On August 23, 1930, about eight years after Ephraim was born in that same "Island Paradise"; that a woman child was born who would eventually be christened, Mavis Joyce Cotterell.  

Mavis was born in Windsor Castle, St. Mary and lived there for a short time before her mother passed away.  She then moved to Spanish Town where she resided with her uncle- Ray Gayle and family.  Mavis learned to be strong early in life and was a true fighter.

One day at a church convention, the lovely Mavis met the handsome Ephraim Hawthorne and should we say "love at first sight".  Their love for each other led to marriage shortly after.  They got married in the parish of St. Andrew, on the 11th day of April, 1948.  She was now complete.  This union which was built on a sure foundation, produced six sons, five daughters, 39 grandchildren and 13 great grandchildren.

Mavis was a devoted wife, great mother and friend.  She had a great sense of humor and enjoyed a good belly laugh.   Her laugh would pick you up on your worst days.  She was very dedicated to whatever she set her mind to.  She loved to sing and so she joined the church choir and you could hear her voice echo above everybody else's whenever the choir performed. She was also an excellent cook and ofcourse she passed down her recipes to many of her children.  She did not just pass down her fine recipes; she passed on a way of life based upon faith in God, community spirit, perseverance and love.  We remember those days with fondness and gratitude.

Mavis had the strength of an ox, the toughness of a bulldog, the daring of a lion, the wisdom of an owl, the harmlessness of a dove, the industry of a beaver, the gentleness of a sheep, the versatility of a chameleon, the vision of an eagle, the disposition of an angel, the endurance of a camel, the bounce of a kangaroo, the loyalty of an apostle, the faithfulness of a prophet, the tenderness of a shepherd.  She took the time to listen, to learn, to lift and to love.  She was all woman.

Mavis was diagnosed with cancer in June, 1994.  Even in sickness, she kept singing and praising God.  She remained strong and never murmurmed or complained, inspite of the pain she was feeling.  Sadly, she was taken home to be with the Lord on July 25, 1994.

A strong wife and mother, her gentle words could calm a troubled spirit and soothe a sad heart.  

Mama was vibrant, dynamic and caring, with an inner beauty that her death cannot erase from our memories.

Mama, your children and grand-children will miss you always. We will always love you Mama.

           "Gone but not forgotten, never shall thy memories fade."