Hi Everyone:

We have decided to start a scholarship fund among the family to help family members with their tuition, etc.  We realize that it is very difficult for some family members to further their studies because of finacial difficulties.

This fund is not just for tuition but to help those who are sick as well and in need of help with medical bills. 

We were able to help a family member recently through this site and that is what family is all about.

Please make a donation towards the scholarship fund and also to help someone in need.

Those of you who need help, please feel free to contact me at and I will make the necessary arrangements.
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Hi Cassy,
Please forward this email to rest of the family for me.
My husband and I would like to express our appreciation and thanks  to all the family and friends for their generous donation to my medical bills. Thank you also for your prayers and well wishes.
It has been a very difficult time for us but the Lord has been faithful. I have been feeling better with the ongoing medical treatment.
We are praying for the family especially those who are sick at this time. Please give my love to everyone.
Thank you.
Dionne Dennis
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$ 1,540

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